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Videography Services

Videography Services

  • The Big DAY, not just The Big EVENT

Everyone knows that there's a lot that happens before and after your event. If you don't want to miss a thing, we can start taping as soon as you'd like, at your house or wherever your day starts.

  • Engagements

Want to relive the moment when she said "Yes!"? We'll make a picture-perfect engagement video for you, on location or in the studio.

  • Slideshows

We can do a picture slideshow that can be shown at the reception hall. Baby pictures, growing up, special moments, and anything else you can think of. A chronicle of their lives up to this day.

  • Same-Day Review

We can have a live clip show of your main event already showing at the reception hall that same afternoon! It's a delight for anyone who might have missed the ceremony, or anyone who loved it so much they just can't wait to see it again.

  • Video Transfers

We can take whatever video you have, and put it on something else. VHS to DVD, NTSC to PAL (and vice-versa), we can even transfer your old Super 8 reels if that's what you need.

And we can do all of these for whatever event you're looking for:

  • Weddings
  • Baptisms
  • Communions/Confirmations
  • Anniversary/Retirement Parties
  • School Functions/Sporting Events/Other Special Events

If you're looking for commercial advertising, music videos, workout videos, promotional videos, or anything else you need, we'll be happy to work with you.

Because that's what all of this comes down to. You.

Check out our video gallery.